Canaveral Florida Offshore Fishing Spots
Headed out early 5:30am to the weather Buoy (that is not there, anyone know where it was moved?). Found some weeds in that area and picked up a couple bonita.

Florida Fishing Spots and Fishing Maps – Cape Canaveral Fishing Report

Fishing off Cape Canaveral – We headed out pretty early this morning and hit the water around 5:30am and headed to the weather Buoy (which by the way is not there..moved?) Found a few patches of weed around that close by location and picked up a couple of small bonita and a skipjack.

Then we bounced out to the cones bit the current was running like crazy so we moved back inshore toward to old buoy area.

Got back near the Canaveral weather buoy and see a couple boats anchored in 110′ and found a nice weed line. Hooked our first dolphin and lost it at the boat from all things, a broken swivel. That’s never happened to me, like ever. Then we caught a decent 10 pound gaffer dolphin soon after.

We reset and headed to the south and I hear something banging and realize that I have a reel spooled down to the knot (someone forgot to set the clicker) and it was shuttering in the rod holder, but by the time I get to the rod, the fish was gone. However the knot actually held and didn’t break! After that we headed inshore a ways to do some bottom fishing. When we got to the spot I wanted to fish, the party boat was there and we just decided to call it a day. Probably didn’t matter that the boat was there, just an excuse to call it a day, I must be getting old!

Source; Florida Sportsman Forum

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