Convert GPS Coordinates

Convert GPS Coordinates or Waypoints

Convert GPS Coordinates and Waypoints using our services. Do you have a personal list of fishing spots or waypoints that need to be converted to another format for a different model GPS? We utilize professional GPS Coordinates Converting Software to convert your GPS Coordinates to any format for most any device or GPS you own.

Swap your GPS Waypoints from one GPS Brand to Another!

Swapping GPS models? Need a GPS Coordinates List or other format?

Finally, a service that converts your personal fishing waypoints and GPS coordinates to work with other GPS units, Google Earth Google Maps and tons of other programs and devices for you. This is not GPS Converting Software, we convert GPS coordinates FOR YOU using email to send and receive waypoint files from you, then back to you in the proper format for the GPS model you request.

We convert your Fishing Waypoints and Convert GPS Coordinates to or from:

  • Convert Garmin Waypoint Formats – GPX, ADM, GDB, XML, TXT, CSV
  • Convert Humminbird Waypoints
  • Convert Furuno Navnet and navnet 3D (NO LONGER SUPPORTED)
  • Convert Sitex Waypoint Formats – GPX, USR, XML, DAT, CSV, TXT, TXT
  • Convert Simrad Waypoint Formats – GPX, CSV, XLS
  • Convert Raymarine Waypoint Format – FSH, RWF, GPX, XML, TXT, CSV
  • Convert Google Earth Waypoint Format – KMZ, KML, LOC, GDB, MPS, NWEA, LOG, WPT, PLT, UXC, RTE, UPT

What GPS Converting Software is used? We use several GPS Map and Plotting Software Programs depending on many, many GPS waypoint formats and factors. Our Team Leader and Manager, Dana King, has designed professional software for this process based on the manufacturers formatting.

We offer GPS waypoint services for fishermen in need of converting GPS waypoints coordinates from one format to another. Simply email us your list of coordinates in any GPS format to be converted to any format.

Turn Around Times: Normally, we can have your GPS Coordinates converted within 24 hours or less. For those needing them “tomorrow”, we can normally assist depending on the number of waypoints you wish to have converted to other formats.

Please click here to contact us tor pricing, ask questions or for information regarding converting your GPS Waypoints

NOTE: We DO NOT share or distribute ANY of your personal waypoints or GPS Coordinates submitted by users for their personal fishing maps. We are legally bound and rely exclusively on our Fishing Guide Cooperative Program for GPS Waypoints and Fishing Information to sell on our FL Fishing Spots Maps available to the public.

All orders will be fulfilled today after 3 PM EST. Thank you for shopping with us! Fish on! Dismiss