How it Works - Florida Fishing Spots

How it works - Florida Fishing Spots for GPS

How it Works – Learn how our GPS fishing spots product works and what’s included. Our GPS and mobile product files eliminates the need for a paper fishing map. View and use our fishing spots on and off the water, wherever you go! Toss out that old paper fishing map or chart and take advantage of the latest digital fishing technology! Our GPS product will help you catch more fish by owning guide provided GPS fishing spots over good, proven bottom, wrecks, ledges, outcroppings and more for bottom fishing, trolling and drifting from the inshore Bays and beaches and offshore waters. Fishermen, be careful what you buy elsewhere, meaning, many of our fishing spots cannot be found on any other fishing maps or fishing charts anywhere. Period. Our spots have been provided and organized by some of the best guides and fishermen in each local area to bring our customers the best fishing spots ever available for purchase. (See product reviews here) Note: Our fishing spots Maps are not paper maps or charts. However, there is a PDF printable list of lat/long coordinates included with any purchased fishing location.

Welcome to the best set of Fishing Tools since the GPS!

What’s Included? All items listed below come with any purchased location. You will receive ALL of the following files VIA email the same day of purchase (most times very fast), and you’ll soon be ready to upload-import our fishing spots to your GPS, iPhone, Android and Computers. For over 15 years, we’ve offered this format in 10 coastal states as the original and only company working with a co-op guide network to bring you our fishing spots. Our guide network allows us to bring you the best fishing available anywhere. Period.

  • GPS FILES INCLUDED! Florida Fishing Spots GPS files for your boats GPS – Does your GPS use an SD or Micro-SD Card? If so, you’re a few clicks away from freedom. Using a windows computer (PC), you can simply copy and paste the proper GPS files to any blank SD card (32 GB or less), then load directly to your GPS. We include and provide you with GPS files for your purchased area. **Our GPS Files are compatible with Garmin, Humminbird, Raymarine Hybrid/Touch, Lowrance. Simrad and Furuno TZ touch GPS units that accept an SD card only. See what it looks like loaded to a GPS – NOTE – GPS Map actual views vary greatly depending on your GPS mapping, make, model and other variables, but will always work with above mentioned brands)


  • SD CARDS FOR GPS AVAILABLE! Preloaded Fishing Spots GPS SD cards are always available for the folliwing GPS models ONLY. Use with Garmin, Lowrance, Raymarine Hybrid, Humminbird, Simrad and the new Furuno TZ Touch models that take SD Cards. Preloaded GPS SD Cards are now on sale for only $19.99 covers the card, loading it and mailing to your front door! Add the fishing spots you want to the cart first, then scroll down the page to see the add “SD card option” while on the cart page. Price include priority mail with tracking and insurance. Have it sent right to your front door! Contact us here for SD Card options if you’re not sure.


  • Highly detailed Instructions and help Videos included with any purchase including suggested apps, prerecorded “on screen” step by step video help and more. All this detail is sent via email with links to videos and text instruction documents attached for each part of our product listed on this page. This will help get you on the water right away!


  • Mobile Fishing Map File Included! Mobile Fishing Map file with NOAA chart overlay (NOAA Chart works with many devices). This is a Google Earth file that will load from the email we will send to you. This file works with your Computer (Mac or PC), Phone and many IOS and Android tablets. This is not an App, but a specially designed file that works on Mobile devices and computers with the free Google Earth app and other GPS apps we will recommend after purchase. This allows you immediate access to your fishing spots on the water and off the water for trip planning, reading comments and looking at areas using the free Google Earth App for iPhone, Android, Droid and computers. See more about our exclusive “Nautical View’ NOAA Nautical Fishing Chart overlay loaded to a Computer, Phone or Tablet that comes with any purchase (Sample Only)


  • COMMENTS ON FISHING SPOTS INCLUDED! Comments on most Florida fishing spots – Most of our fishing spots show short comments about a spot and written by our local guides. Some of this info may transfer to your GPS comment section, (depending on how your GPS accepts comments). All comments are easily shown using your included Google Earth file by clicking/tapping on the fishing spots markers/icons on your Mobile device or Computer using Google Earth for viewing App. See a sample of Fishing Spots Comments


  • GPS COORDINATES LIST INCLUDED! Name Matched, Printable Lat/Long GPS Coordinates list document in PDF format for viewing or printing your Lat/Long coordinates for your purchased area. These printable GPS coordinates and comments are name-matched to co-exist with your GPS and Mobile files/names and the coordinates can be entered into most any GPS in the world. Print this file and take it with you on the boat, or save the file for safe-keeping in case you ever need it for reference or you find the need for using the lat/long coordinates for your purchased area. See a Sample GPS Fishing Spots Coordinates List (Samples may or may not show local fishing spots)


  • FISHING AND RIGGING HELP INCLUDED! Just Ask! Advanced Fishing and Rigging Tutorials for inshore fishing, bay fishing, nearshore fishing and offshore fishing are available upon request. Our guides have compiled excellent, detailed tutorials for those who need them to include tips on rigging for inshore/bay fishing, offshore bottom fishing, rigging and trolling. (Included by request with any Purchase)


  • All the above mentioned files are included with any fishing spots purchase, for any fishing area we offer, in any State. These files are conveniently emailed the same day of purchase to get you on the water as quickly as possible. Also remember, preloaded SD Cards are available as well. Note: For you convenience, your GPS to SD Card files and tutorials are sent in a ZIP file for easy handling. Unzip using a computer only, never a mobile device as you will need access to an SD Card slot on your computer to use the GPS files. (Mobile and Computer users will have immediate access to spots when our email arrives with the purchased fishing spots)

All orders will be fulfilled today after 3 PM EST. Thank you for shopping with us! Fish on! Dismiss