Florida Fishing Maps
for Mobile Devices

Florida Fishing Spots Mobile for Google Earth

This file contains up to date NOAA digital nautical chart overlays provided by NOAA. This technology is in its infancy and the NOAA map server is often down, but they are working hard to improve the mapping detail and server dependability. We were the first to integrate NOAA Nautical Chart overlays into fishing maps, linked to your purchased area(s). ¬†This fishing chart overlay from NOAA map servers links precisely with your purchased fishing area(s) and the fishing spots “float” over the chart as seen in the screenshots below, just like a marine GPS. You can tap spots to see comments and navigation options using some Apps. — As time goes forward, we will see NOAA make leaps and bounds with this much needed and appreciated technology.

Florida NOAA Nautical Charts for Mobile

User Note: If you’re looking to shop with us, always be sure you see our BLUE OVAL LOGO on the header¬†when shopping for our fishing maps online. This logo is found atop all our websites in (10) Coastal States. We are the original internet store offering digital GPS fishing spots on the web, and we’ve been in the fishing spots business for over 15 years on line and on land.

Mobile fishing maps will one day be the future of fishing in conjunction with NOAA digital nautical charts and electronic mapping using mobile devices. There are several advantages of this mapping system when used with your iPhone, iPad, Android or Droid Device. Mobile Charts by NOAA and other digital charts and custom Map sources. As NOAA improves their mapping and server connectivity, they will continue to be the authority of digital nautical charts and mapping for the boating public.

  • Works great with our Google Earth files (when NOAA servers work properly)
  • You can ALWAYS still use your spots with or without the NOAA chart
  • NOAA chart overlays are built into this File for ease of use (pending NOAA servers)
  • View NOAA chart symbols, depths and contours and custom added features
  • May help you find breaks and rips near contours and shallow humps
  • Mobile NOAA Charts works with Mobile Phones, Tablets and Computers!
  • Always use a marine GPS as your main Navigation tool, not a phone.

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