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Deep Drop and Sword Fishermen – A passcode is required to purchase our Deep Drop Fishing spots or Swordfish spots, please simply fill in the form below and the purchase passcode will be emailed to you shortly after. If you are seeing this form displayed, you have applied in time before the internal quota has been met.

Note: You are not subscribing to a newsletter or other, only obtaining a passcode. Although this info is basic, ALL is kept PRIVATE and for internal use exclusively. We consider Deep Drop Fishermen a “cutting edge top-flight” group of anglers who have a great love for the art of Deep Dropping in waters over 300 ft. If you are a serious deep drop fisherman or Swordfish fisherman, please feel free to use this form to receive your purchase passcode.

Thank you! –Dana King, GM for GPS Fishing Maps

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None of this information is ever shared with anyone for any reason. This form is required to simply obtain the passcode to checkout when purchasing deep drop fishing spots or Swordfish spots. Thank you for your time in filling out this form. Your passcode will be emailed to the email address you provide below within a short time.

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All orders will be fulfilled today after 3 PM EST. Thank you for shopping with us! Fish on! Dismiss